So for this project I have to write about what YouTube can do for YourBusiness (yeah I know a clever play on words).. Anyone can make a video and post on YouTube but will it work for a business. Not if you don’t have a plan of attach or know what you are doing. So for my first pick I have found a small guide on how to set up a YouTube business account.

How to set up a YouTube for your business

So now that you know how to set it up lets ass more to the list. So now you may be asking your self why in the world is a YouTube account for my Business a good thing. Well hold on I found a blog that will tell you better than I can. 5 reasons to use YouTube for business

So now that we have that question answered lets talk about how to promote your business using YouTube. This article breaks down the most important parts of how to promote your business with things such as how important choosing the right thumbnail or how and why to use multiple calls to actions.12 ways to use YouTube to promote your business

OK so now maybe you are asking your self I have a Facebook page and a YouTube page how do I get people from Facebook to YouTube easily. Not a problem I found another Blog that answers that question. I know it’s really convenient how I know all the questions you are asking as you read this….  Embed your YouTube video on your Business Facebook page

Now lets say you want to put your Facebook page on your YouTube. Not a problem. Link your YouTube channel to Facebook


Social Media MarketingThis is my last semester before I graduate on May 17. I will have my AAS in Multimedia and Web Design and up till a few weeks back I knew I was going to strictly design websites. Well that was before I took Ken Tuckers Social Media Marketing class. Now I have two things I want to do . I really wish I had taken this class sooner so I could better prepare my self the job market when I graduate but better late than never. To be honest when I first signed up I figured an hour and twenty mins a day two times a week I would hear someone tell me how to do this job, Nothing could be further from the truth. Ken had us making accounts on social media sites and pushing us to be active in different ways. For our class projects we actually had to do Social Media Marketing for a non-profit group. Real world experience in a class room is nothing but great for anyone looking to get a job right out of school. One of the cool things about Ken is he isn’t someone who spends all day in a class telling you how to do this stuff, he has his own business where he applies the same stuff he is teaching us and to me that speaks volumes about the class and what we are learning. So if by chance you are looking for a class this fall (even if you aren’t going after your web design and Multimedia degree) then this is defiantly the class to check out.

Pinterest for Business

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So for my next assignment I have to research 5 blogs about Pinterest. So when I first seen the assignment I was asking myself why do I need to write or know about a site for recipes, as I’m sure a few thought the same. Well after my teacher did his normal routine and found a way to get my interest and better explain how something was used for Multimedia Marketing. So here are the blogs I have found that even better explained how to use Pinterest or tools in Pinterest  for Marketing.

1. Pinterest Free Analytics Tool for Business Accounts

Pinterest’s analytics tool and the types of information you can find there.

  • The daily average number of pins, and the daily average number of people who pin, from your website
  • The daily average number of times pins from your website were repinned on Pinterest, and the daily average number of people who repinned your pins
  • The daily average number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in the main feed, in search results, or on boards
  • The daily average number of people who saw your pins on Pinterest
  • The daily average number of clicks to your website that came from Pinterest
  • The daily average number of people who visited your website from Pinterest

2. How To Harness The Power Of Pinterest For Your Business    This is just a basic run down on how to and why to get an account up and going. It is from last year but the information is still very relevant and worth a look.

3.Is Pinterest Right for Marketing Your Business?
This blog goes over how to decide if Pinterest is right for anyone company and some ways to figure that out.
4. How to Setup Your Brand New Pinterest Business Page  Jeff Bullas has become my go to blogger for most Multimedia marketing information. This blog is a step by step guide on how to set up and use a Pinterest account for a company

5. 8 strategies for Pinterest for business  Great read and info. I have booked mark it myself to go back and read again for future reference .







So my Multimedia assignment was to research 5 blogs on LinkedIn. So after digging through what seemed to be an endless amount of regurgitated blogs about really nothing to do with LinkedIn, I think I have found 5 great blogs to better help people  (much like myself) who are new to LinkedIn.

This first one breaks down how to promote your blog using  LinkedIn, which I find very appropriate seeing as this is a Blog… Shocking I know LOL.. 1.How to Properly Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups . There is a ton of great info on how to promote a blog and steps on how to do this the correct way. Five steps and then a short explanation to better help a LinkedIn newb suck as myself better understand. Things such as gain trust with a group before promoting your blog. Don’t just go crazy right after joining a group will better help get your blog out there.

2. How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business . This has everything from why to promote your self to how to start a group. Just a ton of useful information on LinkedIn.

3. Why, and how, you should consider using LinkedIn to market your business . I actually found this blog from a comment someone left in the #2 spot. Great info and seems a bit more updated in terms of the latest fads. A great read for newbs or seasoned LinkedIn people.

4. 31 LinkedIn Articles that I Wrote and or Found Interesting in 2012 .  Not really a blog that gives out instant info but a blog that has links to great info. After reading through a bunch of them I couldn’t pick a few to post here so I thought it better to give the link so others could read on their own. Trust me a ton of interesting things in here.

5. Getting the Most out of LinkedIn .    Not much I could say on this blog other than to read it. This is put in to 10 simple steps to get going in LinkedIn and a great explanation on how to do each step.






Five Useful Twitter Tools

I missed class last week  and from the looks of my class mates blogs we had to do the Top 5 Useful Twitter Tools so I’m not gonna lie Im just winging it and hoping I get the assignment right. After researching everyones opinions I have come up with what I feel are the top twitter tools.

1. will look into your most up-to-date feed and organize your followers into three groups: Top supporters, Influences, and  Engaged Twitter users

2. Buffer  This app lets you set up when you want tweets to show up, so if you are going to be busy but want a tweet to go out at a peak time then it will. It can also be used on LinkeIn and Facebook.

3. Twitter Counter Twitter Counter provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 94 million users and counting.

4. Bird Herd  It gives the power to more than one person to update a single twitter account.

5. Klout  Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks.

So for my Social Marketing Media class my project is to take a non-profit organization and do the Social Market Media for it. I have Saint Charles County Golden Games. Well for this assignment I have to come up with 30 Keywords for that project. At first I thought this may be an easy assignment, Boy  was I wrong. But here is the list. Also while researching for this I would like to add I found an article I feel most would benefit from reading . The Experts’ Guide to Keyword Research for Social Media

  1. Non-profit Organization
  2. Educating
  3. Media
  4. Learning
  5. Golden Years
  6. Elderly Fitness
  7. Elderly Sports
  8. Social
  9. Adult Fitness
  10. Friendships
  11. Healthy lifestyle
  12. Senior Fitness
  13. Senior Sports
  14. Adult Sports
  15. Fitness
  16. Sports
  17. Adult Fitness Games
  18. Senior Games
  19. Elderly Games
  20. Competition
  21. Senior Athletes
  22. Elderly Athletes
  23. Adult Athletes
  24. Adult Fitness Program
  25. Elderly Fitness Program
  26. Senior Fitness Program
  27. Fun
  28. Exciting
  29. Goal
  30. Medals

To old to have a Kid…..

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OK so Kim (my wife) and I just had our 4th child. He was born on 3-13-13 at 12:33, 13 days before his due date. Yes I know that’s a lot of  13’s and 3’s lol. Anyways Kim and I are what most call older parents, She is 37 and I am 35. While at the hospital giving birth I had the chance to meet and talk to younger parents (18-25) and it was funny how blown away they and others are that some one as “old” as Kim and I would have a baby. At first I didn’t think much of it but now after hearing it all the time it’s starting to get under my skin. I mean I don’t tell them how they are all just babies them selves. I feel I’m better qualified to take home a baby because of my age than someone so much younger.

Kim and I love our newest edition to our family and are completely happy we had him in our “OLD AGE”. We have a few friends who did the same when they were our age and was told it was much more enjoyable to have kids at an older age. So to all you whipper snappers (HAHAHAHAHA couldn’t resist) please under stand we maybe “older” but we are not to old to enjoy a new baby. Now I have to stop writing this so I can lay my son down for a nap……. and take one myself.